Participation Instructions

The conference will take place online.

Attending the live sessions

All registered participants may:

  • Attend live talk and Q&A sessions at the CSL 2021 Zoom meeting,

  • Socialise on the CSL 2021 social space. (The Zoom meeting can be also accessed from the social space.)

  • Attend the EACSL Annual Membership Meeting at 17:30 on Tuesday 26th January using the CSL 2021 Zoom meeting. Every registered CSL 2021 participant is a member of EACSL for 2021.

Please refer to the schedule of talks and other activities.

The sessions will also be broadcast live on the CSL 2021 YouTube channel.

To attend the Zoom meeting, you need the Zoom application.

Socialising with other participants

Everyone is encouraged to interact and socialise with fellow conference participants on the CSL 2021 social space built using the Gather platform.

The social space is open day and night throughout the duration of the conference. You are welcome to linger there at any time, and particularly encouraged to do so at the following times.

  • On Sunday 24th January we will have an informal social gathering to meet other participants from 19:30 CET.

  • On Monday 25th January the conference reception takes place on Gather from 17:30 CET

  • From 08:30 CET on Monday-Thursday mornings to meet before the first session of the day.

  • During the breaks in the conference schedule.

To use Gather, you need to use a web browser with a good WebRTC support, such has Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The Gather platform will alert you if your browser lacks suitable functionality.

In short: For those who have not yet used Gather at past online conferences, the Gather platform allows you to create your own avatar in a (8-bit console game like) 2D-world, and move around to interact with your fellow conference participants. As in the real world, you can only communicate with people (i.e., see their video and hear their audio) who are close to you. For more information about the features of Gather, please see their helpful documentation.

CSL 2021 social space layout

The Gather social space for CSL 2021 consists of 6 rooms.

The Atrium

When you enter the CSL 2021 social space, you are initially spawned in the Atrium that welcomes you to the conference and connects you to the other 5 rooms.

When entering the Atrium, you are first greeted by a welcome desk, which has on it a welcome pamphlet that links to this very instructions webpage. To open this link, move close to the welcome desk and press “x” on your keyboard (as instructed on the screen).

Behind the welcome desk, you will find the Speakers’ Corner—a green space with some trees. This is where we ask the speakers of the preceding session to meet participants for any discussions that did not fit into the live Q&A that followed their talk. The numbers (1-4) next to the trees indicate the talk order in the preceding session.

For these discussions, we use Gather’s private spaces feature: this means that around each of the trees there is a small invisible force field within which everybody can see and hear each other, while not seeing and hearing other people outside of this field. This avoids any unwanted cross-talk with the other talk discussions, and with other people walking past.

Next to the walls of the Atrium there are some tables that are also surrounded by such private space force fields. Feel free to gather around them for further discussions.

The Auditorium

Through the doors on the eastern wall of the Atrium, you will find yourself in the Auditorium, where you can join the CSL 2021 Zoom meeting for talks and Q&As. Once in the room, simply press “x” on your keyboard (as instructed on the screen) and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the CSL 2021 Zoom meeting.

This room also has some tables next to the walls around which people can gather for private discussions.

The Breakout Rooms with Interactive Whiteboards

On the (lower) western wall of the Atrium, there are doors to two Breakout Rooms. These rooms are intended for interactions and work in small groups (such as working collaboratively on your next CSL paper, or similar). Both rooms also include an interactive whiteboard.

The Pub

On the (upper) western wall of the Atrium, there are two doors to the Pub. This room is meant for cosy informal discussions between the participants. The room contains a number of desk-and-chairs sets, each again surrounded by its own private space force field.

One of the corners of the Pub is informally marked as the Young Researchers’ Corner, where we encourage the younger researchers to meet and socialise with their peers, away from the prying eyes and ears of their mentors and supervisors.

A Taste of Slovenia

On the northern wall of the Atrium, there is a door to the final room—a Taste of Slovenia. In this room, you can freely roam the map of Slovenia and discover its beauty through videos about what Slovenia has to offer. In addition, we have left some tables with private space force fields for chatting to other participants.

To watch one of these videos about Slovenia, simply move close to the corresponding green map pin and press “x” on your keyboard.

And be sure to check out this room daily, because we will be updating our sightseeing tour on a regular basis!