Registration and payment

Registration form

Please register by filling out the CSL 2021 registration form.


  • Speaker registration deadline: December 14, 2020.
    At least one author of every contributed paper must register as a speaker.

  • Non-speaker registration deadline: January 11, 2021.
    All participants must register. Note that student non-speaker registration is free of charge.

Registration fees

The registration fee includes EACSL membership for 2021 and various conference costs, including publication costs and costs of running an on-line meeting.

Non-student participants who are EACSL, EATCS, or SIGLOG members are entitled to a reduced registration fee, as specified below.

Contributing speaker - regular fee €105
Contributing speaker - EATCS or SIGLOG member in 2021 €100
Contributing speaker - EACSL member in 2021 €85
Contributing speaker - student €85
Invited speaker or Prize receiver €0
Non-speaker participant - regular fee €25
Non-speaker participant - EATCS or SIGLOG member in 2021 €20
Non-speaker participant - EACSL member in 2021 €5
Non-speaker participant - student €0

Payment information

Within 1 week of submitting the registration form, you must send any outstanding registration fees by bank transfer to the EACSL bank account:

  • Payment description: CSL2021, Full name, E-mail
  • Account holder: EACSL
  • Bank: Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau in D-98684 Ilmenau, Germany
  • IBAN: DE13 8405 1010 1010 2197 54

All transfer fees must be paid by the sender. Please ensure you keep a record of your bank transfer.

With any questions about registration or payments, please contact